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You got that top pulled down and that radio on, baby

now only if i had my convertible here...

...i miss my car so much, its not even funny...the joys of being muggleborn!

good times good times....driving down 80 or 287 or 202/206 (the roads i frequented most), top down, music up, not worrying

The Ataris - The Boys of Summer

why do i love this song so?

Posted at 05:15 pm by Lily
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so nothing too eventful as of late.

saw james very breiefly for a readthrough of a skit we're doing for a house type show on friday night. should be good.

yeah...he wasn't around to help me with my arithmacy, but i did okay i think...i'm never leaving it till the last second again!

so tired, but have to clean and stuff.

i'll see james again on wednesday night for the house meeting.

and on thursday because james is nice and just likes to stop by and entertain me. perhaps help me with some arithmacy...even though i'm not leaving it till the night before again...

maybe we'll go to a tower party...

...we'll see...

Posted at 12:59 am by Lily
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oh lils...

sweetie, you're such a nut!

Posted at 01:00 pm by Lily
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oh shit...

james and remus just left...

...oh shit...

...enough said...

...you can't forget fireworks...

Posted at 11:42 pm by Lily
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yay for friday!

remus should be here soon! YAY! fun fun fun! i think james may be coming over later as well...but whatever. YAY FOR REMUS!

tonight should be fun. YAY FOR REMUS!!!

(feel special?)

Posted at 06:00 pm by Lily
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last night....

so last night i tried to do my arithmacy homework, and it went horribly. james ended up helping me some before and after the prefects meeting.

there's so much to get done! its insane!

so james helped me more with my homework, and i finshed it before we went to a party in one of the towers. the party was cool i guess...james left early because he had to go to work in the morning. i chilled and talked and stuff, and that was that.

i think james is going to stop by after his class tonight as well...

Posted at 02:32 pm by Lily
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another day....

well i really haven't had that much interaction with james lately. i'm in classes, and he's doing an apprenticeship...something to do with transfiguration i think. i have to go to a prefect's meeting tonight, so i know i'll run into him there. perhaps he'll want to hang out for a bit either before or after the meeting? who knows.

Posted at 12:25 pm by Lily
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a twist of lily...

In this era, James is the one with the piercing green eyes. Gone is the messy black hair and the glasses.

Lilyís eyes happen to be a startling medley of colors that shift with her mood. Her hair isnít red, but shades of brown.

They share the same house, but it isn't Gryffindor. The houses are quite different here.

This is the story of Lily and James.

Posted at 09:41 am by Lily
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